The Archive Main Index (AMI) Project


Pinup-Art is normally very erotic art in the eyes of the viewer. Normally this is no porn. But I cannot guarantee for the content of the following webpages. So if you are under 18/21/not adult, then you have to leave my site NOW !

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The AMI is one of my projects. It is an attempt to offer a survey for the work of some artists. All pictures you see here has been collected from the newsgroups. The project is slowly growing. So visit this site (or the newsgroup) from time to time.

AMI offers thumbnail-pictures. They are not systematical, because my experience is growing, too. Later I will offer CSV-files for all the pictures. I dont offer the pictures here. Just the index is available (due to bandwidth considerations).

The AMI-Index tries to show just unique pictures. Most art is scanned and posted multiple to the newsgroups. In different sizes, qualities, colours ..... This index eliminates this kind of "duplicates". So you will see the same picture just once. This might help you to see if you have specific pictures already - or if you need them (or like them).

The index-pictures shows my own naming scheme. It is necessary for sorting and collecting. NEVER post pictures with my original names to the newsgroups. Cut off the prefix (numbers) before you post !

Your comments are welcome to this project ( .

List of the original contributors (as fas as I know them):

The original contributors (in the newsgroups) can be usually identified by a filename-prefix. The AMI-project would not exist without their never ending work and support. So I want to thank them all - known and unknown. Here some very famous neticens (you find them all in ABPEAP):



BG, bgav




W-, wva


mav, mvey,







List of artists: