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Pinup-Art is normally very erotic art in the eyes of the viewer. Normally this is no porn. But I cannot guarantee for the content of the following webpages. So if you are under 18/21/not adult, then you have to leave my site NOW !

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The charter for the moderated newsgroup is now available in the FAQ-Directory (click here).

The Archive Main Index (AMI)

Here you find thumbnail-index-pictures for some pinup-artists. The pictures has been available in the newsgroup: alt.binaries.moderated.pinup-art

There are actually two FAQs available for the newsgroup ABPEAP. The first one explains the artists, the second one contains several rules which should be followed in the newsgroup. You find both FAQs in the FAQ-Directory (click here).

This is an elder version of the FAQ for ABPEAP: (FAQ=frequently asked question). You can get it here: Elder FAQ-file (text) for ABPEAP

There was an elder homepage here. For those who are interested in history: Here you can find it. However please notify that the 'public moderation project' has been finished ! Elder Homepage-Link (August 1998)

The actual content of ABPEAP has been removed ! It will be available in a new from soon.

(If you want to see a preview of the actual content of this newsgroup, then you can visit:) (Actual content of ABPEAP)

I am "The Archiver", a professional programmer and hostmaster and the moderator for ABMPA. Please use this site carefully. If the traffic cannot be handled, then I am forced to close it.